Thesis Statement Tips

Now that the semester is under way, a lot of students are getting back into the swing of writing essays. Know what comes along with an essay? Our dear friend the thesis statement!


A proper thesis statement is integral to writing a good essay. Put bluntly, a thesis statement must clearly answer the question “So, what is this paper about?” Keep in mind, a thesis statement is one sentence long, however some instructors/professors may allow two or more sentences (just be sure to check with them first). The thesis statement is located in the first paragraph.

Provided below is information concerning three types of thesis statements: Argumentative, Expository, and Analytical. The most commonly used of these thesis statements in college writing tends to be the Argumentative thesis statement. If you are ever unsure of which to utilize, speak with your instructor.


An argumentative thesis statement is not a summarization of the issue; it must state your argument (e.g. It is better for one to learn a foreign language in its respective country than at home…), and must also state the conclusions you reached (…because living in a foreign county will allow one to frequently communicate with locals and understand how those that speak the language live on a day-to-day basis).

A paper with the examples above would argue why frequent communication with locals and understanding how the locals live is beneficial to the language learner.


As opposed to an argumentative thesis, an expository thesis statement cannot contain opinion or take a position on a topic. The thesis statement is a short summary of your paper (e.g. Dogs were the first animals to be domesticated and have been used for hunting, working, and recreation).

A paper with the example above would explain the historical domestication process of dogs, and explain how we’ve used dogs for hunting, working, and recreation.


Should be answering a “how” or “why” question. For example, “Why are all runway models thin?” After you’ve gathered your information, you may formulate a thesis similar to: “An analysis of modeling industry standards reveals a challenge facing design houses: should they continue with a “thin look” proven to sell product, or take a potential risk and adopt size limits during fashion weeks?”

A paper with the example above would provide an explanation of the analysis of modeling industry standards, an explanation of the proven “thin look,” and an explanation of the potential risks of adopting size limits.

If you are having difficulty writing a thesis statement as you begin the paper, try waiting until the end! Being able to reflect on one’s work will allow one to compact the essay’s argument, information, etc. into one coherent sentence.

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