Let’s Refresh the Basics!

that's weird, verb is a noun

Sometimes we all need a little refresher on the basic parts of speech. Like, what’s a noun? What does an adverb do? These are some of the basic, nitty-gritty, grammar rules we all need to know in order to be successful in college.

Noun: a noun is a person, place, or thing. (Ex. Josh, duck, castle)

Pronoun: a word used as a substitute for a noun. (Ex. him, it, I)

Adjective: a word used to describe a noun. (Ex. pretty, loud, nasty)

Verb: a word used to indicate an action, occurrence, or state of being. (Ex. talk, crash, is)

Easy, right? Well, now it gets a bit more complex…

Adverb: Used to modify verbs. Most end in –ly, but not all. They tell us when, where, how, in what way, or to what extent an action is done. (Ex. horridly, carefully, fast)

Preposition: Links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. (Ex. The book is on the desk)

Conjunction: Joins words or groups of words together. (Ex. and, or, but). One should never start a sentence with a conjunction. Just please don’t do it!

Interjection: a word that expresses emotion and is not grammatically related to other parts of the sentence. (Ex. Yippie! Yay! Aww…)

Should you find yourself needing some more advice, feel free to stroll down to the ASC, located in the back of the LRC. The ASC’s schedule is available online at https://chesapeake.mywconline.com/.


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