4 Things You Didn’t Know About MyCampus

MyCampus is Chesapeake College’s portal, we started used it in the summer of 2013. As a portal, it acts as a single password and username which you can use to sign into multiple other sites: your course information in Canvas, your email in Skipjack, and your registration information (or, if you’re an employee, your timesheets) in CRAB. See this video to see why a single login for all these separate sites is so great.

A single login is handy, but the links to Canvas, Skipjack, and CRAB are only a tiny fraction of what’s available. Here are four of our favorite Pro Tips on using MyCampus.

Stuff for Sale

Done with your textbook, selling off school supplies, or just looking to get rid of that extra kayak you have lying around? There’ a forum inside MyCampus where you can sell and buy items. Go to the Campus Life tab and then select Items for Sale under the Classifieds. You might be able to pick up something useful on the cheap, or make a few extra bucks.

Connecting to Campus WiFi

MyCampus has detailed instructions on the different wireless networks here on campus and how to connect. Hover over Campus Help and then select Campus WiFi; you can see instructions for several different devices, including Android phones, Apple’s iOS devices, and a few versions of Microsoft Windows. While the wireless is straightforward on many devices, there are quite a few steps on Windows so be sure to follow them carefully. You can connect to the insecure CC-Guest network to download the instructions PDF, then use that offline to connect to CC-Students.

Money, Money, Money

The Finances tab has copies of important financial aid forms. Make sure to fill them out on time and get the monetary assistance you need!

Getting Help

While MyCampus can save you time and trouble when it’s working, there are a number of issues one can encounter. But never fear! The LRC Help Desk is here to save the day. Here’s a few things you can do to fix common problems:


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